Sleep Apnea

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Dr. Roblee is dedicated to treating his patients for overall health and wellness. He has learned more and more in recent years regarding the airway and fundamental it is in oral health. We have been working with many physicians who see the rise in airway issues. Roblee Orthodontics collaborates across medical fields to ensure we treat you with the utmost care. Due to the increased awareness in sleep and airway issues we work to provide several forms of treatment to care for patients with these issues.

Narval™ CC:

Is one of the lightest oral appliances available, Narval CC is designed to be discreet, comfortable and effective. Crafted from a lightweight, flexible and metal-free biocompatible material, unlike any other oral appliance, this specially designed device allows you the freedom and flexibility to talk and drink — a solution so comfortable; you’ll never want to go a night without it.

Narval CC works by simply holding your jaw in a forward position while you sleep to expand the space behind your tongue and help prevent obstruction and snoring. A recent clinical study found that worn nightly, Narval CC significantly reduces sleep apnea symptoms and improves quality of life.1 Get easygoing sleep therapy — night after night — with Narval CC.

Ask Dr. Roblee about Narval CC and check with your medical insurance provider to find out how oral appliances for sleep apnea are included in your plan.

myTAP Appliance:

A more temporary appliance is the myTAPTM. It is a simple and comfortable treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. Construction and design are based on the TAP® splint, the market leader in oral anti-snoring appliances, having been tested in more than thirty-two independent peer reviewed studies on its clinical efficiency.

Upon examination Dr. Roblee will determine if you present with any sleep or airway issues. Additional testing with a take home sleep test may be suggested to get further results. Dr. Roblee and his team will provide you with knowledge and care to let you know which option might work best for your particular case.